Farewell to Earth - a website for Wanderers preparing to depart Earth

Planet Earth entered a new era in 2020.  A New World Order, long forewarned but uncertainly anticipated, was finally imposed on the entire planet in a carefully prepared and brilliantly executed psychological tour de force using medical martial law.  It was enacted under the aegis of what has long been called the Deep State, implying a "government within a government": networks of powerful individuals and organizations pursuing their own agendas, and operating independently of elected or official leadership.  Whilst true as far as it goes, the reality is far deeper and more complex than most suspect, or could even imagine.

Of the many consequences, both present and to come, those of greatest concern to Wanderers relate to spiritual evolution, which henceforth will be difficult or impossible.  A period of stasis lies ahead that may be permanent, with the planet's human population being exploited solely as a labour force, and for its biological attributes.  Those who dissent or resist such an entrammelled existence will be ostracized; those who so continue will be eliminated.

The choice now facing Wanderers is therefore stark and simple: to stay or to leave.  This website is for those favouring the latter option.

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